Pulcinisti - La Pulcina Piccola's Admiration Society

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A Letter from Our President

Dear Reader,

The first time I saw La Pulcina Piccola I was smitten. In that moment I knew I had found my life's work -- to lead the movement that would become i Pulcinisti, La Pulcina Piccola's Admiration Society.

Today, from sea to shining sea, La Pulcina's fans cry, "Pulcina, Pulcina! PULCINA!!"  We want every scrap of news about our beloved Pulcina as soon as possible. We devour every issue of our newsletter, Clotheslines. We dream of the day that "Love's Fowl," the theatrical extravaganza-in-miniature celebrating her life, will come to each of our own hometowns. We revel in the thought of Pulcina’s further adventures in the sea and the great beyond. We want the CD and every other item from her signature line.

In short, we want everything Pulcina.

She will always love you,

Gilbert Fouchard



Our Mission


  • To continue the vital research into the life and times of La Pulcina Piccola

  • To support the translation of her remarkable diaries, and

  • To introduce the uninitiated to the love that is La Pulcina Piccola.