MAY 2016

Music: Henry Krieger

Libretto & Puppets:
Susan J. Vitucci

Music Direction:  Ben Krauss

Performers:  Joshua Nasser, Yael Rizowy, Susan J. Vitucci

Joshua Nasser, Susan J. Vitucci, Yael Rizowy with members of the Clothespin Repertory Company at 13th Street Theatre, May 2016  Photo: Max Gordon

Joshua Nasser, Susan J. Vitucci, Yael Rizowy with members of the Clothespin Repertory Company at 13th Street Theatre, May 2016

Photo: Max Gordon


Set Consultant:  Charlie Smith

Costume Consultant:  Crystal Thompson

Lighting Consultant:  James F. Ingalls

Puppetry & Projection Consultant:  Linh Valerie Pham


Sound Engineer:  Micah Zuckerman

Videographer:  Marina Oriente

Stage Manager:  Samuel-Moses Jones

Production Assistant:  Ryan Buchannan

Associate Producer:  Gilbert Fouchard


Production Photographer:  Max Gordon

Image Design:  Joshua Fraioli

Insurance provided by Fractured Atlas

Audio equipment by Gibson Entertainment Services

Small Fish has been developed with a generous grant from the Jim Henson Foundation

Susan J. Vitucci’s work is made possible in part through the sponsorship of The Field.

Special Thanks

We are grateful to the many artists who have generously given their time and talents to Small Fish throughout its evolution, and to the following individuals for their advice and counsel on our 2016 workshop: Kate O'Boyle Anderson, Ken Beltrone, Barney Barnes, Laura Maria Censabella, Milan DelVecchio, Luis Gutierrez, John Kelly, Dorothy Ryan Leitch, Mikhaela Mahoney, Fredrick V. Nielsen, II, and Trilby Schreiber.

SMALL FISH has been developed with generous in-kind support from Ensemble Studio Theatre Playwrights Unit, Hudson Scenic Studio (Neil Mazzella), production assistance grants and residencies from New York Theatre Workshop, a residency and development workshop at 1812 Productions (Philadelphia, PA), and development workshops at 13th Street Theatre, Abingdon Theatre and Dixon Place. 

Small Fish Development History

La Pulcina Piccola’s admirATION SOCIETY

We are pleased to acknowledge those whose generosity helped to make this workshop possible.

Even Bigger Fish Anonymous (2), Jeremy T. Smith

Bigger Fish Anonymous (1), Deborah Baker, Anne Connell

Big Fish MK

Small Fish Anonymous (1), Gina Barnett, Leonidas C, Sara Corello, Don Cummings, Amy Drinker, Charlie Fink, Arthur & Mariluz Giron, S. E. Haar, Evy Huppert, Jill & Bob Jaffe, The Keegans, Susan Kim, Fran Kumin, Greg Lehane, Sonya Martin, Leanne Mella, Jackie Reingold & Rich Campbell, Fretta Reitzes,  Dorothy Ryan & John Leitch, Karin & Tom Schall, Daniel Singer, Mary & Gene Smith, Virginia J. Vitucci

Smaller Fish Anonymous (1), Christine Bourdette, Suzanne Bradbeer, Amy Drinker, Ben Dunham, Pamela Knowles, Neil Laidlaw, Greg MacPherson, Julie McKee, Laura Meislin & Gary Sokolow, Constance Mortell, Amy Scott, Joanie Siegel, Mark Singer, Virginia D. Sorkin, Chris Ryan & Crystal Thompson

Smallest Fish Anonymous (1), Laura Maria Censabella, Kevin Fisher, Arlene Hutton, Mitchell Kurtz, Scott A. Lewis, Adele, Holly O'Grady, Anne O'Sullivan, Michelle Slung