Clotheslines, Autumn 2016

Greetings Pulcinisti,
We are pleased to share with you this latest issue of Clotheslines, the official newsletter of La Pulcina's Admiration Society.

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SMALL FISH May 2016 Workshop

Joy resounded in New York City throughout the month of May when La Pulcina Piccola returned to the stage in the workshop presentation of SMALL FISH. Ardent pilgrims traveled from afar to the 13th Street Theatre to celebrate the glory that is Pulcina. To her avid admirers who ask, "When can we see this opus again?" we can only reply, "Time will tell." Meanwhile, we have many to wonderful people to thank.

Joshua Nasser, Susan J. Vitucci, & Yael Rizowy at 13th Street Theatre, May 2016 Photo: Max Gordon

Joshua Nasser, Susan J. Vitucci, & Yael Rizowy at 13th Street Theatre, May 2016
Photo: Max Gordon

Our stalwart production team:

Music: Henry Krieger

Libretto & Puppets: Susan J. Vitucci

Music Direction: Ben Krauss

Performers: Joshua Nasser, Yael Rizowy, Susan J. Vitucci

Set Consultant:  Charlie Smith

Costume Consultant: Crystal Thompson

Lighting Consultant:  James F. Ingalls

Puppetry & Projection Consultant: 
  Linh Valerie Pham

Sound Engineer:  Micah Zuckerman

Videographer:  Marina Oriente

Stage Manager:  Samuel-Moses Jones

Production Assistant:  Ryan Buchannan

Associate Producer:  Gilbert Fouchard   


We are grateful to the many artists who have given their time and talents to SMALL FISH throughout its evolution (see development history here) and to the following individuals for their advice and counsel on our 2016 workshop: Kate O'Boyle Anderson, Ken Beltrone, Barney Barnes, Laura Maria Censabella, Milan DelVecchio, Luis Gutierrez, John Kelly, Dorothy Ryan Leitch, Mikhaela Mahoney, Fredrick V. Nielsen, II, and Trilby Schreiber.

SMALL FISH has been developed with generous in-kind support from Ensemble Studio Theatre Playwrights Unit, Hudson Scenic Studio (Neil Mazzella), production assistance grants and residencies from New York Theatre Workshop, a residency and development workshop at 1812 Productions (Philadelphia, PA), and development workshops at 13th Street Theatre, Abingdon Theatre and Dixon Place. 

And our SMALL FISH donors whose generosity helped to make our May workshop possible.


La Pulcina Piccola in the Holy Land

Our beloved La Pulcina Piccola is pictured here standing on the ramparts of the ancient city of Jerusalem. Discovered in the stall of a hospitable Bedouin merchant by Scholar-in-residence Susan J. Vitucci, this undated photograph is the first known documentary evidence of La Pulcina's travels in the Holy Land. Ms. Vitucci spotted the extraordinary artifact tucked in a bin of papers while chatting with the vendor and sipping delicious mint tea. Ms. Vitucci purchased several minor baubles from the charming vendor. Pleased with the transaction, he included the photograph with the lot. We are beyond thrilled to share the image with our Pulcinisti. 

The Secret Diaries of La Pulcina Piccola

You will find the latest installment of our beloved heroine's thrilling chronicle here: Chapter 10 The Gift

Support Pulcina Scholarship  

We invite you to support our ongoing work by making a tax deductible contribution through The Field. For additional information about SMALL FISH (as well as all the Legal Stuff) click here: The Field: Susan J. Vitucci's Sponsored Artist Page.  

Dixon Place & Tiny Acorn Productions present SMALL FISH

In which La Pulcina Piccola, international chicken of adventure, the bravest, boldest, most adventuresome chicken that ever lived, travels to the ends of the earth and beyond to plan her flag in the name of love.

La Pulcina Piccola in "Small Fish" at Dixon Place, New York City, June 22, 2015, Photo: Max Gordon

La Pulcina Piccola in "Small Fish" at Dixon Place, New York City, June 22, 2015, Photo: Max Gordon