You are about to read the extraordinary "Secret Diaries of La Pulcina Piccola" (Chicken Little), the fabled chicken who came to world recognition as a result of the fabled sky-is-falling incident. It is principally that event for which she is known.

Scholars have long been aware, however, that there is more to her story than is usually told. Now, in this chronicle, she is revealed in her own words as she travels the world from her home barnyard to the Big City and beyond. While her career spanned many disciplines, everything she did is marked by her courage, her fortitude, and the fact that she never lost sight of affairs of the heart. She was indeed an extraordinary chicken.

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1.2 Banty


Banty is so brash and handsome. He scratches the yard with such authority. He hasn't said anything, but he struts back and forth in front of me with his chest puffed outand then he preens. I know he likes me. Oh, DD, could this be... what I've been longing for?

1.3 Banty Continued


Banty has opened my heart to love. He is small, but so am I, and he is feisty. When I see him fly up to the fence post every morning as he prepares to wake the barnyard, he takes my breath away. Ducky Lucky has a beau too, and the Gander is sweet on Goosey Loosey. It's nice 'cause we can talk about things that just need talking over.

1.4 Small Bird, Smaller Mind


Sometimes Banty mocks me because I want to know about things like what happened to Providencia, and the world outside of this little barnyard. He says, "Why worry about that, when this is all we need. When I crow, the sun comes up. That's all you need to know." Small bird, smaller mind. He should just get over himself instead of being such a jerk. I notice things and I can't stand it when everyone else pretends that nothing happened.