Greetings Gentle Reader,

You are about to read the extraordinary "Secret Diaries of La Pulcina Piccola" (Chicken Little), the fabled chicken who came to world recognition as a result of the fabled sky-is-falling incident. It is principally that event for which she is known.

Scholars have long been aware, however, that there is more to her story than is usually told. Now, in this chronicle, she is revealed in her own words as she travels the world from her home barnyard to the Big City and beyond. While her career spanned many disciplines, everything she did is marked by her courage, her fortitude, and the fact that she never lost sight of affairs of the heart. She was indeed an extraordinary chicken.

With the discovery of her diaries, La Pulcina Piccola's life is fully documented for the first time and her innermost thoughts and feelings revealed. Since their discovery, a team of scholars has translated and transcribed these precious journals, many of which were scratched on bits and scraps of paper, leaves, bark and whatever else came to claw during her remarkable adventures.

As La Pulcina Piccola did not date her journal entries, scholars have numbered them in the most likely sequence by referring to other available sources. Interspersed throughout this edition are clippings from contemporary news sources, many of which were found tucked in between the pages of the diaries themselves.

Born a free-range chicken, La Pulcina Piccola was destined for greatness.  It is said that even as a young chick, in fact, even in the shell, she knew that hers was to be a special fate. Her earliest days were spent in a warm nest with many siblings. Soon, though, she was out with all the other denizens of the barnyard. As she hungered for feed, a fat worm and the occasional grub or two, she also longed for love and adventure. It was then that she met Banty, the feisty little rooster who was her first love. It was then that her diaries began.