Q. Who is La Pulcina Piccola?

A. Chicken Little, actress, archaeologist, explorer, lecturer, and so much more. She is the braves, boldest, most adventuresome chicken that ever lived. Her diaries tell the whole story, or as much of it as has been published here.

Q. How did Love's Fowl begin?

A. It's a long story. See How it All Began

Q. Why is "Love's Fowl" in Italian?

A. In brief -- it's funnier this way. Somehow, the distance created by the foreign language works to the show's advantage. It allows the audience to enter La Pulcina's world.

The longer version:  I wanted to learn to speak Italian so I took a class at City University of New York's Foreign Language Institute. The final project of our one semester course was to present a 10 minute oral report to the class on any subject we chose. I decided to translate the Chicken Little puppet show I'd written a couple of years before and modified the puppets soI could perform it on my own (the original show took nine people to operate.) Even while rehearsing alone in my living room I knew I had something special. In class, I killed with it. I wish I could have taken that class for credit.

For more information, please see How it All Began

Q. Is a CD of the LOVE'S FOWL music available?

A. Yes. The LOVE’S FOWL original Off Broadway cast recording is available on Original Cast Records. It is available at Pulcina: The Music

Q.Is the LOVE'S FOWL libretto available in English?

A.Yes. The libretto is included with the CD both in English and in Italian, and is available digitally when the music is downloaded.

Q. Is there a video available?

A. Alas, no video of LOVE'S FOWL is commercially available at this time. An 8 1/2 minute demonstration tape does exist, but it is not available for distribution.

Q. How did Henry Krieger become involved with LOVE'S FOWL?

A.  It was his idea. He attended an informal showing for a few friends at the West Bank Cafe in New York and asked me afterwards if I would consider adding music to the piece. I said yes. He then asked if I'd consider working with him. You bet I would. It has been great joy to work with him.

Q. What is the Clothespin Repertory Theatre ?

The Clothespin Repertory Theatre is a traveling puppet repertory company dedicated to celebrating the life and adventure of La Pulcina Piccola.

Q. What besides LOVES FOWL is in the Clothespin Repertory Theatre's repertoire. 


Q.Tell it to me straight. What is the original story of Chicken Little?

A. There are many versions. Ours will be added to this site soon. Please check back.

Q. What is The Field?

A. The Field is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization serving the New York City performing arts community. Susan J. Vitucci is a sponsored artist at The Field.  A gift to the field on her behalf directly supports her work. Here's how to give.