Project Description



A new full-length puppet operetta

Music by Henry Krieger

Libretto & Puppets by Susan J. Vitucci

Music Direction by Ben Krauss

SMALL FISH is a full-length puppet operetta with a score by Henry Krieger and libretto and puppets by Susan J. Vitucci. It stars the puppet diva La Pulcina Piccola (Chicken Little), the bravest, boldest most daring chicken that ever lived, who travels to the ends of the earth and beyond in the adventure of a lifetime.

Three puppeteers sing all the roles and operate in full view of the audience, enacting La Pulcina’s epic story on a tabletop using puppets made of familiar craft materials and household objects, e.g., clothespins, felt, Styrofoam, and sponges. Live video magnifies the characters – and the event – to the scale of La Pulcina’s grand emotional life. SMALL FISH is sung in English, with live piano accompaniment.


With its open hearted, unironic humor, SMALL FISH is a delight for family audiences and sophisticated adults.

La Pulcina is known to national audiences through a "This American Life" feature that is frequently rebroadcast. Here's a link to Jack Hitt's feature about La Pulcina that is frequently rebroadcast on "This American Life"

The Fan Club: i Pulcinisti

La Pulcina's admirers receive Clotheslines, a periodic e-newsletter, as well as serialized installments of the apocryphal-but-true “The Secret Diaries of La Pulcina Piccola.”

Running Time

Small Fish runs 75 minutes.

The Music

The SMALL FISH concept recording is planned for early 2018.

Video Demo

For access to the demonstration video, please contact us

Technical Requirements & Scheduling

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