1.10 The Sky is Falling Incident

I've been walking for hours -- all alone and I'm still nowhere near the King's City... I must rest for a while before I go on.

This morning, out by the old oak tree, a piece of the sky fell and hit me on the head. I knew then that what Chicken Medium said is true and this is the beginning of my destiny. I told Goosey Loosey about the sky and she said we should tell the king at once. She is right, of course, news of such importance should reach the king and as soon as possible. We started right away. As we walked along, Ducky Lucky and Turkey Lurkey decided to come as well. Even Big Red Hen joined us. I was so proud!

After a while, we met up with Mr. Red Fox and we enlisted him in our mission, but then he wanted to stop for a meal before we continued on our journey. I was as polite as I could be, but I had to refuse. When everyone else accepted his invitation, I was shocked -- time is of the essence! The king must know about the sky as soon as possible. I left that fox and those flighty, uncommitted birds at the crossroads and continued on alone.

I've rested enough for now; I must hop on.