1.7 A Mysterious Encounter


Today I went out back for another bath. Afterwards, I followed a particularly juicy looking grub into the barn through a hole in the wall. There I met the most remarkable hen. She didn't say a word at first, she just looked at me with a piercing, sidelong stare and her head moved about jerkily. Then she started to strut back and forth in front of her nest, pecking the air as she walked. I was just about to walk with her when she suddenly flopped on the ground, clucking and squawking. It gave me such a fright I began squawking too. I didn't know what to do. But then she began to speak in a clam, soothing voice. DD... when she spoke it was as if she had read my heart.

She talked and talked... She said so many things, I can't remember them all. Then she got up and walked slowly to her nest. I didn't want to leave, but she said she was tired now and asked me to go. She told me that we will meet again. I hope so, I don't even know her name. Anyways, I'm coming back tomorrow. Later, when I told Big Red Hen about it, she said, "Stay away from that crazy cluck in the barn. That one can't even live with the rest of us." I think I can see why.