3.6 Looking Back Down the Road


Everything is happening so quickly! My first day in the Big City, and I already I have a job! The Impresario set up the audition for me. When I told my campfire story, the Director hired me on the spot. I am now a member of the Clothespin Repertory Theatre! The Director introduced me to the company and I think Sparrow is a little jealous. Until now, she's been the only bird with the company. She certainly wasn't nice to me when we were introduced. I wish we weren't going to share a dressing room. Anyway, I open as Desdemona next week and then I start work on Rosalind and Juliet immediately. It is a little overwhelming.

As I was packing up to leave the carnival, The Impresario stormed past. He was so angry, he hopped and sputtered, "The Promoter again!! That... That... Hired my best roustabout just to spite me! Brawler! Get out!! You'll never work this circuit again!" Brawler just laughed and pecked at a few seeds before he swaggered away. He is so charismatic. We are going to find a place to live together -- I'm sorry the Impresario is so upset, he's been very nice to me. And I feel kind of guilty for not telling Chicken Medium about Brawler and me, even though I promised him I wouldn't.

Chicken Medium and I said our goodbyes and she told me that I'll be OK but we probably won't ever meet again. I felt so sad! As the caravan pulled away, I waved and waveduntil the dust had settled on the road... Oh, DD, She's my only friend left from home.