4.6 The Legendary Pecky!


There is so much to see in Big City. It is everything I imagined it would be when I was back home by the old oak tree. Wandered the winding lanes in the oldest part of town, I saw a poster in a shop window that read, “The Legendary Pecky! The Celebrated Dancing Chicken!” I had to go in.

It took a moment for my eyes to become accustomed to the dark, but then I saw her. She was asleep in her booth. Approaching gingerly, I pecked on the glass. She awoke with a start, expecting it to be show time, but I had no money with me to pay for a show. “I rely on these shows for my daily feed,” she grumbled. I apologized and though she was tired and jaded, she accepted with, “Ahh, that’s alright, kid.” At first I thought she’d go back to sleep, but my enthusiasm melted her reserve. I was so excited to meet her. Pecky! The dancer! The headliner! She’s the one I heard about when I was on the road with the carnival! Finally, when I remembered my manners and introduced myself, it was she who was excited. She’s heard about my show! I couldn’t have hoped for a warmer welcome. 

When a customer appeared and placed a dollar in the slot, I watched her dance on the turntable to “Turkey in the Straw.” She’s as good as they say she is! She suggested we meet when her day was done. When I returned, we climbed the stairs to her rooftop home. Nestled in a tiny coop behind a large roost crowded with pigeons, and next to a hutch filled with bunnies, we laughed and talked the afternoon away. I met her friend Claire, the renowned mentalist. She’s the one who endlessly and perfectly competes at tick tac toe with all comers. Big City is filled with such talented creatures! At last it was time to go home. I was surprised and delighted to meet not one, but two show business legends.