5.2 Birdies of broadway

Brawler came by Le Club tonight. I was afraid that he'd heard about Robbie, luckily Robbie was late and had to perch in the back. Anyway, Brawler must have been eating fermented seed, because after the "Birdies of Broadway" number, he stomped onto the stage in the middle of the show and demanded a dance from me! The audience thought it was a new part of the act -- and they loved it. We're the "Golden Couple," after all. But it was an Apache he wanted and it more than just ruffled my feathers. This is it. Let the gossips say what they will, the gold in this affair has tarnished and I want out. Tonight I sleep in my dressing room and tomorrow, while he's at the ring, I'm moving out. I'm glad I have you with me, DD. You're my best friend in town.

Editor's note: Some pages were missing from the diary here and it is conjectured that La Pulcina Piccola herself removed the entries related to the stormy end of her affair with the Barnyard Brawler.