9.4 I nearly wept

The captain told me his story over dinner. How he was born on a farm not far from my home barnyard – such a charming coincidence – and how he yearned to go to sea from the day he left the shell. How he ran away as soon as he was old enough and secured an apprenticeship on a trader.

Soon after they embarked a terrible epidemic swept the ship! I can imagine the sorrow he felt, burying one after another of his shipmates at sea. Finally, he was the only survivor.

I nearly wept when he told me this. I truly understand the difficulties one faces drifting about at sea all alone.

Then, drifting alone on the ocean his ship was beset by pirates! Somehow, though, he tricked them, and took over their ship -- along with its valuable cargo. He became instantly famous as the feared and nefarious pirate Il pollo del mare.