You are about to read the extraordinary "Secret Diaries of La Pulcina Piccola" (Chicken Little), the fabled chicken who came to world recognition as a result of the fabled sky-is-falling incident. It is principally that event for which she is known.

Scholars have long been aware, however, that there is more to her story than is usually told. Now, in this chronicle, she is revealed in her own words as she travels the world from her home barnyard to the Big City and beyond. While her career spanned many disciplines, everything she did is marked by her courage, her fortitude, and the fact that she never lost sight of affairs of the heart. She was indeed an extraordinary chicken.

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Chapter 3: The Carnival


Here I am riding out into the world with Chicken Medium herself! I was crossing the road shortly after I left home this morning, when a caravan stopped and she called my name! I could hardly believe my good luck! Its such a coincidence! Chicken Medium says its fate. She is telling fortunes and playing tic tac toe with the carnival. They're on their way to the Big City too, so I'm traveling with them! 

Chapter 4: The Big City


Brawler and I have found the perfect little roost near the theatre. I can come home and rest between rehearsals and performances and it is close to the arena where he'll train for his bouts. He'd best be careful though, he showed me the metal spurs he wears in the ring. They look so dangerous -- gruesome, really.